Saturday, October 10, 2015

Self Defense for Runners

When you are out for a run the last thing on your mind is fending off an attack.  Runner's get attacked more often than you think. Using a few simple techniques you can fend off about 99 percent of attacks.

1. Situational awareness.

   By far the easiest way to win in a self defense situation is to not get in it in the first place.  This is usually not a problem for the seasoned runner because they most likely are running becasue they love it and they are generally very aware of their surroundings.  For the novice runner however it's easy to get lost in thought or start to focus on the ground right in front of you. This leaves you in a very vulnerable position. Stay aware and stay alive.

2. Get off the X.

   I loved this saying the first time I heard it. If you remember Wiley Coyote is always standing on the X right before he get's smashed. The Road Runner is always able to avoid the trap because he gets off of the X.  If you are remaining situationally aware you should spot that something is up.  Foil an attacker's plans simply by not walking into the trap. Change sides of the street. Turn around and start running the opposite way.  Don't hesitate to change your route or plans quickly.  Don't be an easy target.

3. Out run your attacker.

   Run as hard as you can. When your running for fun you're generally in better shape than about 90% of Americans, so put it to good use.  Push hard and outrun your attacker.  Don't worry, that burst of speed costs you a lot less than it does most attackers.  An attacker is looking for easy prey, you take off like a gazelle and the attacker's drug use and bad habits will catch up to them very fast.

Of course these are the basics but they are a great place to start.  Remain vigilant out there and stay off of the X.

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