Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Power of Habit: Systems

I was told many years ago by one of my revered college professors that habits were bad.


Habits are not bad but they need to be used for efficiency. Habits are actions we take due to muscle or mental memory.  Habits are actions we've mastered so that we can accomplish them without much thought.  This is usually achieved by hundreds if not thousands of repetitions.

By creating good habits we can increase the efficiency during our day and free up time for things we'd like to spend time on.  Most of us spend most of our time during the day thinking about what to do next. Simply having an answer to that question can create tremendous opportunity and room for real progression.

Habits have a bad connotation because we don't analyze the situations we're in that we use habits. We do these things because they feel right and we're used to doing them in the past.  So let's give these things a new name, systems.

As system is a way of doing something efficiently.  When you create systems for the mundane parts of your day you can accomplish them much faster and therefore free up more time.  You can increase the effecienty of any action or process through a quick analyses.  Congratulations you have turned habits into systems.

Good habits are systems.  Become a systems builder and you are on your way to eliminating all the bad habits in your day.

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