Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Get to 20 pullups easily - The 25 to 60 plan

Attaining the ability to 20 pullups at one time seems like no easy task but it can be.  The 25 to 60 program is super easy and the quickest and most efficient way to achieve the ability to do 20 pullups.

The plan is simple and only takes 8 weeks. Simply do 25 pullups a day for a week and then add 5 pullups a day each following week.  Split your sessions into sets of whatever is comfortable for you; sets of 3 or 5 or 10.  Spread your sets throughout your day.  The more spread out the better. Test yourself no more than once a week to avoid tendinitis and sore arms. You can integrate this into your current workout or add it to it.

Week 1: 25 pullups a day
Week 2: 30 pullups a day
Week 3: 35 pullups a day
Week 4: 40 pullups a day
Week 5: 45 pullups a day
Week 6: 50 pullups a day
Week 7: 55 pullups a day
Week 8: 60 pullups a day

The advantages of the 25 to 60 plan:
  • Easy to remember and easy to follow
  • No need to worry about a missed day or 2 during the week (missing a day is not going to set you back)
  • No need to worry about getting tendinitis, you body will adjust slowly to the requirements 
  • This program works well with any other current training program you are doing, no need to adjust your current workout program
  • The brilliance is in the simplicity: It works! 
  • If you can do 60 pullups in a day, you can do 20 in one set. 
Why it works?
  • Doing a bunch of pullups is not the problem... you can probably do 100 in a day right now. Tendinitis (straining of the tendons) is the problem. You have to condition your joints to handle the strain of doing a bunch of pullups at once. You can only do this slowly... Too fast and you'll strain the tendons in your elbows and shoulders.
  • Repetition is the key to muscle endurance.  You are also slowly and progressively conditioning your biceps, forearms, and shoulders to handle a longer duration of contraction.
  • This program will increase your grip strength over time.  Grip strength is also a progression that is slower than your larger muscle groups. 
Extra Tips:
  • Small losses in your overall body weight make big performance differences in pullup endurance.  Losing 5 lbs of body weight means not having to lift 100 lbs over the course of 20 pullups. 
  • Vary your grips to work different stabilizing muscles throughout your back and shoulders.
  • Pushups are a great addition to this program because they strengthen your shoulders.  Don't over do it though. Pushups will add to the overall daily strain on your joints. 

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