Saturday, March 14, 2015

Obstacle Racing 101

Obstacle Racing 101:

  • Don't wear cotton socks
    • You can wear synthetic or no socks
    • If you do wear socks wear really really short ones
    • As soon as your socks get wet your feet get heavier and it sucks
  • Practice the basic obstacles
    • Learn to jump over a wall
    • Learn to low crawl
    • Learn to get over double bars
    • Practice monkey bars
  • Wear as little as possible
    • If you are going to wear a shirt make sure it's not cotton
    • Don't be afraid of a tighter shirt, as soon as it gets wet it will loosen up
  • Have fun and don't be afraid to fail at any obstacle
    • Try every obstacle
    • You will usually surprise yourself
    • The obstacles are designed to be mentally intimidating but not that hard
These are just a few tips I learned from running my first Spartan Sprint Race.  I look forward to crushing my next one.

Obstacle racing is super fun and is a great goal to work toward.  Not only do you want to build endurance but looking buff enough to go shirtless is a great motivator. I still have a few pounds to trim but I'm more motivated than ever. 

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