Monday, January 11, 2016

Why You're Fat

The main reasons you're fat are:

  • You want to be fat. Deep down you've become comfortable with where you are. I hope this makes you mad because that's what it's going to take for you to do something different than you've done in the past.
  • You think the stuff you read in fitness magazines is real information. The fact is the best info is in books. Yes those things you used to read in high school. It takes real research to get a book published. Any joker can put stuff in a magazine or the internet. Even me.
  • You think that you can exercise yourself to weight loss. Wrong… real weight-loss is like 90% diet, it has very little to do with exercise.
  • You think low fat foods are good for you. Congratulations you believe and spend your money on exactly what advertisers want you to spend money on. They don't care if you are healthy. They have only one goal. To separate you from your money.
  • You think that there is a simple one size fits all way to lose weight and it's run by someone like Jenny Craig or WeightWatchers. I can't stand these programs. They use psycology to get your money. It goes like this "Losing weight is hard. But we can make it easy… for a small fee."
  • The fact is losing weight is not hard and you don't need to spend a bunch of money.
  • What you need to do is take it seriously and start learning. "teach a man to fish…"

Ok I've beat you up enough. Don't go getting all upset yet. Here are the facts:

  • You need to get out of the mentality of a "normal" person. Normal people are content with the way they are and do whatever everyone else does. Extraordinary people live extraordinary lives. It's really easy to do. Quit looking around and seeing what everyone else is doing. Do whatever you want to do. The best way to be like everyone else is to act like everyone else.
  • This is called Social Proof and it's a dream killer.
  • I hate to say it but most of the stuff you read in magazines and the internet(yes I know) is garbage. Real info is in books. When you really take an interest in something you should learn from the experts. Real experts write books and they sell. Look for books with high ratings on Amazon. This is a great way to find experts at anything.
  • Seriously, the moment I quit worrying about my workout and started actually, really, seriously, no really, paying attention to my diet was the beginning of my quick trip to ripped up land.
  • The old saying "Abs are made in the kitchen" is legit. Seriously…
  • When you eat fat it doesn't turn into fat. When you eat fat it doesn't turn into fat.
  • When you eat fat it doesn' t turn into fat.
  • Ok, I think you get the idea. But this is by far the hardest thing for folks to accept.
  • When you eat sugar it turns into fat. Huge difference.
  • 100 percent of diets have failed for you. I know this because you're reading my article. Diets failed you because you were basically tweaking a few things but just doing what you've done in the past. You think "maybe this time will be different" It won't be. You want a different result then try something radically different.

I will be putting together my suggestions and direction for you as we go along. There is nothing to buy. I have a real job. I do this for fun. Subscribe and hang in there. There is hope and it starts now.

Here is a few tips to get you started.
  • Start learning about food and eating. Start looking at food as fuel and not just an indulgence. Indulge in other stuff. Great place to start is to read about Paleo. I'm not even a huge Paleo fan but it is a great way to get exposed to some real info about food.
  • Stop eating bread. Bread is by far the largest source of carbs in the American diet. Just cutting back on bread is a great place to start.
  • Start tracking what you're eating. Don't worry about counting anything yet. Just what and when and how you feel.
  • Learn about blood sugar and how it affects your hunger level. Control your blood sugar and you control your hunger. Control your hunger and control your calorie intake. Control your calorie intake and you know what happens next.
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Tony D.

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